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26, 28 billion dollars. he is personally paying 250 million for "the washington post." and imogen lloyd webber says that this deal could give him more influence in d.c. over politics, really? >> and profit is paper, buy influence to an extent. washington d.c. obviously a company town. this is a company paper and busy trying to make inroads into washington d.c. last week obama was doing that great big jobs speech in tennessee at an amazon warehouse. and amazon has been dealing with sales taxes and that big drama recently is going to come up against regulators moving forward because it's just so big. so, yes, it buys him a seat at the table, so it's a factor buying it. only 1% of his fortune to get a seat at the table. >> do you agree with that strategy. do you think it's a good idea for the top guy in a top company to approach politics and get involved in politics, and get involved in washington, the company town, the political town? is that a good move? >> it's necessary. the tech guys have been doing that although the guys are spending a fortune on the lobbyists in washington and
your credit card. that's hurting the economy. and more violence in egypt to washington. they're divided over whether the u.s. keeps sending financial aid to that country and president obama giving no clear guidance either way and here is your monday morning obamacare headline. you know the navigators, costs 67 million to hire. they won't have to go through background checks. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ make it happen with the all-new fidelity active trader pro. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades when you start using active trader pro today. join us at >> the chaos in egypt escalating over the weekend and now nearly 900 dead people after four days of violence and among them 24 police officers executed by militants in execution style and more calls from lawmakers to cut off that 1.4 billion that the united states gives. and president obama not taking a stand either way and senator john mccain says the u.s. looks bad as a result. >> we have no credibility. we have influence, but when you don't use that
to come out of cincinnati, it came from washington, then we learned it goes to the doorstep of this white house because the irs chief counsel william wilkins, longtime democratic activist and partisan and obama appointee reviewing these files, tea party files were kicked up to his office. now we find out perhaps another government agency has been colluding with the irs to target these groups and the reason this is so important is the federal elections commission, the objective of holding these tea party groups down was to have a material effect on election cycles. it suppressed the tea party's ability to raise money, to go out and advocate on behalf of conservative candidates, in the 2010 election cycle, the 2012 election cycle and evidence this is continuing, in the 2014. stuart: one more, the chief down there does not want health insurance through obamacare. listen to this. >> for a federal employee more likely, i can speak for myself i prefer to stay with the current policies i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. stuart: i presume
that. from the washington perspective the idea of austerity, sequestration, ben bernanke, the fed chief, everybody said we need to spend more, we need to stimulate this economy. the congress, federal government acute sector in terms of the economy and perfect the people have been pulling back and persisting in his attitude has not helped the american economy or given confidence to consumers or employers. charles: you hit the right word, confidence. it has to emanate from the white house. let's be honest, the president talks about hope in campaigning but doesn't give us any real hope. it is always them versus us, the ultimate bad guys, he has not been able to unlock what the federal reserve calls animal spirit in america and thht is his biggest failing. >> that is the point that is right on in so many ways. the president has not been able to deal with the congress, has not been able to overcome those barriers. if you are talking about does this president in view confidence in terms of his economic policies, the polls are pretty clear. charles: people are not going out to buy a house, you
washington and fix some of our problems, that's not going to happen and get them to agree on anything. >> give me an example of some of that, quote, strong action. >> number one, we've got to do something about the long-term deficit problem in the country. we've promised people way more in health care and social security than we can afford to give them. number two, we have a tax structure that doesn't make sense. we have some of the highest tax rates in the world and some of the lowest collections relative to gdp because of the tax code that is riddled with loopholes. >> david, we've had a triple digit drop, we've seen triple digit drops last summer and you know, low volumes, skittish markets. we're hearing chatter on wall street that it tapers back and stores buying treasuries. that it continues to buy mortgage-backed securities to keep the rates low. what are you hearing? >> i don't think they can do much about twisting the two rates, but i think they're going to start tapering within the next few months and depend how the data comes out and the markets are scared of that. it's weir
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be the smoking gun that plant's the irs skip kendall squarely in washington. she is talking about political pressure to put the irs to stop the flood of money pouring into the 2010 election. listen to this. >> overturning 100-year-old precedent that says appropriations for the whole thing and they don't like it -- charles: democrats maintaining the party line. and op-ed in the washington post democratic congressman steven and eli's the cummingsssaid there's no evidence political motivation or white house involvement. this video looks like a smoking gun. >> thought that the senator is saying this when he sent a letter on homeland security letter head, senatorial letter head to irs commissioner doug schoen saying was where's response is, quote, and satisfactory, responding too slow. halt long will it take to look into groups like americans for prosperity and patriot majority? charles: amazing. as big as huge, we will be all over during this show. the first losing week in a month and a sloppy trading session fuelling chatter about big-time court action coming. the opening bell is next. a quart
that and maybe repudiating what they're doing in washington? absolutely not. we'll continue down the same path that we're on now. charles: so, in other words, whatever happens with either one of these, from economic point of view doesn't change? argue men versus women. abrasive manner versus a non-abrasive manner. inner circle of obama being rewarded once again. but from economic point of view, doesn't matter at all, both of them will do the president's bidding? >> wouldn't it be ironic after summers is obviously famous about comments from women, it would be a great irony have them lose this race to a woman. be that as it may. charles: be that as it may. it would be a sweet irony, some would say. trey, thank you. we appreciate it. rather lackluster open, unchanged for the moment. do want to check out the gate. deere, big farm equipment company, had big profits in the last quarter. we often use that as something of a economic indicator. lauren, we want to find out how the shares are doing. >> up a little bit. up .2 of 1%, charles. we were seeing bigger gains in the premarket. like you said the
that young people being targeted and we need advocate in congress, more advocates in washington and republicans need to take that mantle if we want a future in this country. stuart: we hear you and the president is addressing some college audiences later this week and into next week as well. thanks very much for joining us, appreciate it. data industrials up 15,026, where we are. we did briefly dropped below 15 k, next item, the establishment media finally seeing the light of obamacare? here is this had led from the chicago tribune and i'm quoting directly more reasons to delay and rewrite this ill-conceived law. coming up 20 minutes from now we will ask a media watchdog if headlines like that one are a new trend in the establishment media. an exception to the rule or a new trend? interesting stuff. now we have the headline from the new york times. california's economy surging. will that trend continued? is it real? is the timing right in its analysis? let's bring in wall street journal joining the company right now. looking at the new york times article right here in saturday's
his response to this. the left-leaning washington post is reporting something we have been saying for a long time, local governments are cutting employee hours to avoid obamacare penalties. remember when the president said this? bernard: >> if you like your doctor you will be able to keep your dr. period. no matter what you have heard, if you like your doctor or your health care plan you can keep it. stuart: looks more and more like that is not the case. mike huckabee still here, a special on obamacare this weekend on fox news. >> the president has been saying no republicans have many alternatives or options, that is simply not true. this weekend we are going to do is spend the entire time on common-sense solutions, things that will work, things that have worked, what are the options that could address health care in this country but do it responsibly? i would urge the president to watch because obviously he is not aware that there are very significant options that are much better than what he has put which is a great big government foisted insurance program that doesn't change he
-lasting freshness. stuart: 34 days to obamacare exchanges and washington runs out of money and that is not all that is happening. in the wall street journal brett stevens says killed assad? be cigarettes, french study says they are as bad as the real thing. the maker of top-selling brand elogic too, a an arm and a leg for textbooks, it is a wreck. peter morici, university guy answers that. imogen lloyd webber and the power of celebrity home library cyrus and the duchess of cambridge, why are they in the same sentence? fashion designer on my colors for the fall. ♪ going back down little bit, a 31 minutes into the trading session, we were down 100 and now we are down 69 points. by the way consumer confidence numbers just came in, all little higher than expected but i am not seeing much impact on the market, we are still down 65 points. i do want you to look at oil and gold, both of them weigh up. this is mostly about syria but also a little bit because jack lew says president obama is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling which hits the crisis, the crisis hits, we run out of money in mid
this is the new normal. is very anything that can be done in washington to change this? can you do anything other than gridlock to fix this? >> the president would have to stand up and be honest about the effect obamacare is having on the economy and a lot of the other regulatory policies that i believe are studying real economic growth, and job society and a lot of that is government policy. charles: not because of government policy but gets back to washington d.c. and feels like nothing has gotten done at all and the ideologies are so pervasive, it is harsh rhetoric from both sides of the aisle and what happens is some leadership steps up and says we got to get something done, got to get the public to believe in us again. >> one of the stories that has been underreported is in the house we have been doing our work. we put out everything from bills on immigration to economic growth to dealing with some of the crazy regulatory environment out there and we are looking for a partner and the democrat side in the u.s. said it. charles: that has been underreported but i am glad you put it up. the pres
is still targeting tea party groups, the top tax crusader in washington leading the charge to clay obamacare, grover, is in the house. a $68 billion tax bound, google, delayed. are you surprised? the surfers living high op the hog, and here's a brand new hour of "varney and company." ♪ first thing, the big bard, down 62 at the lowest point, and grinding our way back if you call it that. adam, liz, and mack here. the crash rumors this morning, you know, making the markets move, or what else is going on? >> the fact retail inveesers dumped $92 billion year to date into mutual funds. last time we have this money was in 2007, and we peaked in october of 2007 and started a long transition down. that's win of the things to talk about here today is the real money, big money is pulling out, selling. >> you know, here's the story about mark. the doom and gloom report compared to 1987. at that time, interest rated strip led. we're up one point on the ten-year note. we have an oil boom here in the united states, and the dollar is strengthening, and a lot of market players hedged themselves.
you. syria as well, but the story about washington spending our money. it is a the greatest fear, period, a new survey suggesting that, that we will have for you. the farmer's almanac to expect a snowy super bowl. how great would that be? the question today, though, is a money question. is that a money maker or money losing proposition if it snows in the new york-new jersey area? a $1 million disaster in several western states, the wildfires, tens of thousands out there battling the fires. they now have the full attention of the white house. much made of who will be replacing ben bernanke? what will ben bernanke do after he steps aside as fed share? we have at least one interesting suggestion for you. all that and more coming up on this hour of "markets now." ♪ good to have you with us here on monday. dagen is off on vacation this week, but we have a lot to talk about, brian westberry starting off on the economy. keep in mind, brian, he's been on a lot
to weigh in. on will pay for it in trenton in washington or in frankfurt, ky. don: there's a lot of stake here. if the risk continues -- judge napolitano: at pointed this out and this will appeal to you. we had these risks in the republican party before and it is the search for the soul of the party. the classic with in your lifetime or mutton although we were children at the time and i was trying to get into princeton, nelson rockefeller against goldwater, rockefeller won, and republicans had a collapse of the fee. you could argue by virtue of that the conservative movement was formed and ronald reagan came along. stuart: we haven't got time. we f-16's years from it. stuart: judge napolitano: ronald reagan reached across the aisle. and the republican national convention. reagan's running mate was george h. w. bush, his ideological opponent during the primaries. that is what rand paul is trying to do, not a guy will run for president, he is saying we can disagree but not be disagreeable and agree at the outset which of those wins we have the support of the other. don: stuart: america cann
. ammon johns chief bought the "washington post" earlier this week $250 million. he is expanding his empire. i would say he is one of the greatest innovators. i say he is the next steve jobs. the guest on the show this morning. what is the difference? >> steve jobs is a wonderful marketer. products have been released that were pretty terrible and he comes out and says i have internet medications device. i also have a phone and music player. it is one device, it is the iphone. taking these products and turning it into one product. the brilliance of jeff bezos is amazon has had razor thin profitability. he is taking all of the money, reinvesting it into the genius of amazon, low-cost retailer, driving down the price of the marketplace and he plays the long ball. it would take eight years to develop the technology that came out last year. that is what blew everybody away. it took eight years, he did not care, he did it quietly. stuart: razor thin profit margins versus massive, thick profit margins at apple, there is a difference, i got that. attention to detail in the products, there is
. what they don't believe is that tax reform should bail out washington's spending problems, like harry reid suggests. what most of us believe is that spending cuts get us about halfway to balanced budget, but strong economic growth through tax reform, gets us the rest of the way. so, we think strong growth through tax reform actually is a very strong force towards balancing this budget, tax increases actually harm the economy. >> i don't think there's a single viewer of "varney & company" who would disagree with you, congressman. i think you're in lock step with our viewers, flat-out. but in many parts of the country, tax the rich is a political winner. >> well, it maybe a political winner, but the truth is america has now the most progressive, if you call it that, tax code in the world. we're hoping more and more taxes on fewer and fewer people and you can't continue that and i think that we ought to let the constitutional process work. the house is going to deliver the first real tax reform since president reagan. the senate says it's going to. they've got a lot of work to do to deli
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17